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Carrying a strategy that is more focused and aggressive in the year 2010, this subsidiary was focused to carry the Office Imaging division is positioning itself as a “Solution Provider” that promotes cost efficient and environmental friendly also focus on Multifunction Color Copier selling to generate great result.With more marketing programs that meet the market demand, this division has done so many exhibitions at the potential office location. In the exhibition consumers could  directly see the product demos even  get the chance to conduct  a  demo  at  their  oi   ce with  an  existing machine, also equipment demo that will be conduct  at  the RICOH  Showroom head  office.This division also provides big support  for the consumer, not only providing RICOH  document solutions,  but also support the internal  program carrying the “Go Green” theme in accordance with the focus of RICOH Corporation, as  the global mother company by carrying the vision “Your Office is  the Part of the Environment” . Also did some advertising in print media segment with their executive reader target.Looking at existing trends, the Company through its Office Imaging division decided to implement some strategical  focus as  follows:

  • Positioning the Subsidiaries as a “Document Solution Provider” that is able to  promote cost efficiency and  friendly environment.
  • Expanding product segment with a  focus on developing the Multifunction Color Copier market and add  high-speed product  line.
  • Increase the growth of distribution channel by focusing development on potential office area with a strategy to cater the customer need.

Conduct more  promotion activities such as exhibitions that cater customer’s need,  demos at the site offices, collaboration improvement among dealers with dealerships gathering activities, also provide support to its dealers to attract potential customers by holding the Open House at the location of the dealer. In addition, also continue to conduct Above The Line promotion that selectively targeted the market in accordance with  division.