PT MODERN INTERNASIONAL TBK. was founded on May 12, 1971 under the name of PT MODERN PHOTO FILM COMPANY

PT Modern Internasional Tbk. was founded on May 12, 1971 under the name of PT Modern Photo Film Company. Having undergone several changes in the Articles of Association of the Company, by the Notarial Act Budiarti Karnadi, SH No. 48, dated May 26, 1997, regarding changes to the Articles of Association of the Company, including change of the Company name, became PT Modern Photo Tbk and in June 2007, with the global business changes that happened, PT Modern Photo Tbk. changed its name to PT Modern Internasional Tbk. and since 1971, the Company has become the sole distributor for all Fujifilm Japan products in Indonesia.

The Company is engaged in Industrial Imaging product such as medical equipment, graphic art and document solution by carrying various brands.

In accordance with the vision "Being a Corporate who supported Indonesian Society in medical necessity" and through 6R strategy undertaken by the Company which are the Business Repositioning, Business Reinvent, Business Process Reengineering, Right Sizing and Resource Allocation, the Company directed its main business focus to Medical image business and so as continuing production printing and office document solution business.

Seeing the performance achieved in 2022 with a focus on strategy and business in the field of medical image, Production Printing and office document solution business, the Company and its Subsidiaries continued in developing some activities to support focusing on several divisions as follows:
In Industrial Office Imaging business, focused on providing Multifunction Color Copier through a document management solution that able to promote cost efficiency and environmental friendly based.
• In Production printing , we are focusing on servicing our production printing clients to provide them aftersales services.
• In Industrial Medical business, focused on providing high resolution display device specialized for medical industry, Digital X-ray detector with high technology based to support hospitals and any other medical industry company. we are working together with one of the best brand who is LG Indonesia.
Until now the Company’s products and services was presented to all business partners and customers through 5 branchse spread out all over Indonesia.
The Company provides full service team, from sales force, technicians and after sales service to our business partners and customers at each branch so that all products and services needed will be enjoyed by the end customers throughout Indonesia. Until the year 2022.